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Rudy Forster - Founder

Rudy Forster started his career in the propane industry in 1962. He has long served the industry and its members and was honored with the prestigious award of being inducted into the “Propane Hall of Flame”. Though officially retired, he is still actively involved in the propane industry. He is still a member of the Nevada Propane Dealer’s Association where he has over the years held various board positions.

John Forster - Co-founder

John began his 24 year propane career as the co-purchaser of the Ugalde Propane business in Gerlach, NV where he resided beginning in 1993. When the office moved to Silver Springs in 2001 he relocated to Fernley, NV. John’s passion has been building and expanding the company from the ground up. He has constructed all of the current shops and office buildings for Granite Propane, Inc. as well as being in charge of the growing company vehicle fleet. John has been very successful in refurbishing tanks and equipment to be environmentally friendly as well as reducing costs.

As the owner/manager, he is actively involved in every aspect of the company. He is not one to sit behind a desk and he will roll up his sleeves with any and all employees to get the job done; teaching and providing exceptional customer service. He encourages growth for his company with professionalism and great pride in his company and community. John appreciates his team of employees and supports them with training, advancement and knowledge so that the entire team can provide the best customer service available.


Bob Kent

Bob Kent is Granite Propane’s Executive Director of Sales. Bob has been with Granite Propane since 2012 and loves that Granite Propane feels like a family to him. He also loves the atmosphere he gets to work in and how well everyone works together. Bob loves to go camping with his grandkids when he is not working.

Michelle Smith

Michelle Smith is Granite Propane’s Office Manager. Michelle has been with Granite Propane since 2006. She is one of the many smiling faces you see when you walk into the office. She loves everything she does about her job and all of her co-workers.

Jodie Branson

Jodie Branson has worked as the Collection Clerk for Granite Propane since 2014. She loves the atmosphere of the office, as well as her co-workers and customers.

Logan Forster

Logan is a third generation Forster; son of John and Grandson of Rudy. Logan has been a part of the company from a very young age where he helped (and learned a great deal from!) his father and grandfather and has acquired extensive knowledge in the aspects of the propane industry. After completing college Logan became an official Granite Propane employee, with future plans of earning a place in the family owned corporation.

Logan is constantly bringing new and innovative ideas to the company, helping to ensure that we stay current with the latest and greatest available technology.

Patrik Renteria

Patrik Renteria is one of Granite Propane’s Service Technicians and Delivery Drivers who has been with Granite Propane since 2010. He loves that his job offers versatility in his daily routine and assigned jobs, and that it never gets boring at Granite Propane. Patrik loves working on cars in his free time and also enjoys gun collecting as a hobby.

Mike Morton

Mike Morton is another Granite Propane Service Technician and Delivery Driver who has been working for Granite Propane since 2012. He loves everything to do with his job. When he is not at work, he enjoys rock crawling and snowboarding with friends.

Mike Donahue

Mike Donahue has been with Granite Propane since 2016 as a Delivery Driver. He loves the daily challenge of productivity that he is tested with. When Mike is not working, he enjoys volunteering at the local hospital and his church.

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2685 Almond Drive
PO Box 600
Silver Springs, Nevada 89429
Phone: (775) 577-2361
24/7 After Hour's Service Number: (385) 264-7221
Website: https://granitepropane.com/
Email: granitepropane@yahoo.com